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StarkAge Therapeutics

StarkAge Therapeutics

At StarkAge, we are dedicated to helping people live better, longer.  We are putting articles and videos which explain the most recent scientifically proven discoveries about how and why we age.  For those who would like to go one step further, there is fact-based information about what can be done to age as well as possible.

In addition, through 4P medicine, StarkAge will provide the opportunity for clients to determine their physiological, or biological age, and to compare it with their civil age.   And again, advice and services are available to support individuals who wish to make an impact on their physiological state who have the objective of living their best life possible.

StarkAge was founded in 2019 by Dr. Thierry Mathieu.  It is a French start-up with offices and laboratories at the Institut Pasteur de Lille and l’EGID. 

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